Join the OSMix Beta

Today, we’re excited to be accepting sign-ups to participate in the Closed Beta of OSMix. The Development Team at OSMix has been working furiously to bring about a compelling automated mixing and mastering solution for all types of music. Our ideal candidates are a songwriters, engineers, musicians, producers, or composers that can report on the good, bad, and broken in our program.

As a thank you to any participants, we are offering a free OSMix v1 license, $50 in OSMix Credit, and to receive early access to future improvements and updates. To be considered, please visit and complete the form.

We’re excited to be taking the next step towards high-quality, automated mixing and mastering that will help creators and amaze listeners. Looking forward to our next update!

OSMix @ LA Sync Mission 2019

OSMix co-founder & CEO, Jared Forman (pictured below), spoke on a panel about music technology at Capitol Studios in connection with LA Sync Mission 2019.

The panel consisted of CEO/co-founder of Steereo, Anne Kavanagh, CEO/co-founder of Fanbox/Faithbox Jeff Smith, OSMix’s CEO/co-founder Jared Forman, and was moderated by Adrienne Palm of Gener8tor. These founders are all almuni the inaugural gBETA MusicTech Accelerator hosted by Capitol Music Group, Gener8tor, and Capitol360. They led a great discussion about the ever-changing landscape of the music industry, spoke about their companies, how their affiliation/partnership with Capitol Music Group and Universal Music Group has impacted their startups, how they are using Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning in their business or products, how they plan to use AI to help improve the music industry, and what exciting things are in the works.

This was the 15th annual LA Sync Mission, hosted at the iconic Capitol Studios in Hollywood, which took place June 10th-14th, 2019. Delegates from various music companies in the UK participate in a week of panels, keynotes, visits, workshops, and networking events.
LA Sync Mission is made possible by the hard work and collaboration of the British Phonographic Industry, Music Publishers Association, Department for International Trade, Music is GREAT (GREAT British Campaign or the British Council), and Capitol Studios.

Panel speakers (left to right) Jared Forman, Adrienne Palm, Anne Kavanagh, Jeff Smith

OSMix Q1 Update

Happy New Year! The Team at OSMix has been busy preparing for a busy and exciting 2019. We’re excited to share our development progress, current timeline, and forecast of future updates for the first quarter of the year. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about developments in automated audio processing.


We displayed the OSMix Tech Demo last month at Capitol Royale, catching the attention of musicians and programmers alike. This demo showcases three sound-filters, a number of different musical styles, and dynamically adjustable mix control (0 to 100% dry-wet balance).



The audio processors, underlying code, and algorithms necessary to automatically manipulate multiple incoming audio signals has been completed. We expect to finish internal validation of all critical operations by the end of January.


Once internal validation is complete, we would like some audio engineers to join our beta testing in mid-February. To be considered, please contact us on social media.

Participants will receive a license for OSMix (on launch), $50 in OSMix Credit, and have the opportunity to receive pre-release software in the future!


Capitol Royale Wrap-up

We’re grateful for the write-up done at about OSMix and our fellow Capitol Royale participant companies. If you’re into immersive technology, start-up company developments, and news on the cutting edge, then Anne’s page is definitely worth checking out!

-The OSMix Team

OSMix at Capitol Royale

We were thrilled to spend last weekend presenting at Capitol Records Tower in Hollywood, California for the first-ever Capitol Royale, a two-day creativity and innovation marathon full of some of the best and brightest minds from the music and technology fields.

We were able to showcase the techniques used in OSMix to automated audio mixing and mastering to music industry pros, programmers, and investors during the two-day event.

Among the many participants at Capitol Royale were sponsors Verizon, Spotify, Cloudinary, Twitch, ConsenSys, Havas, LyricFind, Qloo, TiVo, 7digital, Unity, and Roland. Additionally, we were delighted to be showcased with other excellent start-up companies like The Upnext, Common Edits, Steereo, Fanbox, and Music Bonds.

It’s events like these that represent a core value at OSMix: using technology in innovative ways to promote creativity.

-The OSMix Team

Validation Testing

The OSMix Team is committed to using automation in audio production as a means to improve workflow and promote creativity. But this will not be possible without high quality mixing results first.

We have been working closely with engineers at Universal Music Group, Capitol Studios, and Interscope Records on developing the fundamental audio principles for OSMix, as well as renowned music producers on creating a feature wishlist for OSMix users. We are designing OSMix to be usable by anyone, whether you are a weekend hobbyist or a seasoned professional.

OSMix V1 has a tentative launch of Q1 2019, with more features becoming available throughout the year.

-The OSMix Team

OSMix Accepting Submissions

We are working diligently to finish and launch OSMix, the world’s first automated mixing and mastering application. While the programming continues, we are happy to announce that we can accept your submission to process through OSMix for a quick, professional mix/master. If you would like to save time and money on mixing your audio projects, this is the solution for you.

If you are a musician, engineer, or producer with a multitrack session or stems, please visit our Mixing Page to upload your project. We will return your mixed and mastered project back to you within 24 hours. This service represents a preview of what the OSMix desktop application will output in minutes.

If you have any questions, please reach out to

-The OSMix Team


The OSMix Team is excited to announce its connection with the nationally ranked startup accelerator Gener8tor. From a pool of 77 applicants, only five companies were selected to participate in Gener8tor’s inaugural west coast accelerator program, and OSMix is proud to be among them!

This program is being handled jointly by Gener8tor and Capitol360, the innovation and tech initiative from Capitol Music Group. We are confident that this integration with music industry leadership will be the perfect catalyst to launch automated audio mixing and mastering to the music production community and beyond.

-The OSMix Team

What is OSMix?

OSMix is an automated audio mixing and mastering application that produces professional quality mixes in seconds for musicians, engineers, and producers working at any budget level. We are working diligently on creating the world’s first automated solution for mixing and mastering audio in a way that promotes the creative process and allows artists to focus on their craft.

As a music tech company, musicality and creativity are fundamental aspects in all of our products. We made OSMix because it is the application we wish we had already, accelerating the process from a new musical idea to a being heard by our audience.

Throughout this blog, we will discuss in more detail the technology and principles that were integrated into OSMix to enable automated audio mixing and mastering, the developments and updates made to our products, and important announcements to our community.

-The OSMix Team