OSMix is an automated audio mixing and mastering program that provides professional quality mixes in seconds at any budget level. OSMix simplifies the technical aspects of mixing and mastering to accelerate audio production, while preserving creativity.


Artists can use OSMix as a technical tool to allow them to focus on songwriting, instead of audio engineering, and retain creative control over their project. You can be sure your music sounds amazing whether sending it to music executives, or preparing your next release.

Audio Engineers can use OSMix as a tool to accelerate their workflow, saving them valuable time and improving their margin without compromising quality. Maybe you just need a quick mix after spending the last 10+ hours recording so your client can hear something in their car.

Music Companies that deal with large quantities (ie. music libraries, publishers) can use OSMix in a similar manner as engineers, but at a much larger scale. The ability to batch process creates consistent and high quality results, meaning less time between composing and release.