OSMix Q1 Update

Happy New Year! The Team at OSMix has been busy preparing for a busy and exciting 2019. We’re excited to share our development progress, current timeline, and forecast of future updates for the first quarter of the year. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about developments in automated audio processing.


We displayed the OSMix Tech Demo last month at Capitol Royale, catching the attention of musicians and programmers alike. This demo showcases three sound-filters, a number of different musical styles, and dynamically adjustable mix control (0 to 100% dry-wet balance).



The audio processors, underlying code, and algorithms necessary to automatically manipulate multiple incoming audio signals has been completed. We expect to finish internal validation of all critical operations by the end of January.


Once internal validation is complete, we would like some audio engineers to join our beta testing in mid-February. To be considered, please contact us on social media.

Participants will receive a license for OSMix (on launch), $50 in OSMix Credit, and have the opportunity to receive pre-release software in the future!