OSMix at Capitol Royale

We were thrilled to spend last weekend presenting at Capitol Records Tower in Hollywood, California for the first-ever Capitol Royale, a two-day creativity and innovation marathon full of some of the best and brightest minds from the music and technology fields.

We were able to showcase the techniques used in OSMix to automated audio mixing and mastering to music industry pros, programmers, and investors during the two-day event.

Among the many participants at Capitol Royale were sponsors Verizon, Spotify, Cloudinary, Twitch, ConsenSys, Havas, LyricFind, Qloo, TiVo, 7digital, Unity, and Roland. Additionally, we were delighted to be showcased with other excellent start-up companies like The Upnext, Common Edits, Steereo, Fanbox, and Music Bonds.

It’s events like these that represent a core value at OSMix: using technology in innovative ways to promote creativity.

-The OSMix Team